NUPOD and Subscription

NUPOD is a systematic point of distribution platform for business owners to manage their retail outlets and stocks effectively, bundled into separate application and softwares. We also provides tools for your merchants or suppliers to view their product exposure at your existing retail outlets.

NUPOD was created out of our experience with stocks management, focusing on consignment model in mind, on how to manage product resources and sales representatives effectively; to report the product placements and warehouse allocations. It's all in one place.

Say you are using primarily consignment or bill-to-bill product placements. You sure want to know how many products have been placed at each retail store, and how much the amount exposed to that store associated with said products.

When the products are sold as per consignment, you send your representatives to collect the payment for the sold products, and you want your representatives to report back to system admin the payment and settle the bills.

Without an effective measure, say by manually jotting down all the transactions, the transactions might vanish into thin air, and you as a business owner lose revenue due to negligence. Fret not, introducing NUPOD; we come to your rescue.

It's easy. You can either call us at this number or drop us your contact using this link. Our agent will try as best as possible to return you a call or schedule an appointment to set you up for our program.

Based on our experience with retail, at the moment we only support three business arrangements:

  • Consignment (comes with all plans)
  • Cash On Delivery (comes with all plans)
  • Credit/Bill-To-Bill (starting Pro Plan)

There are no prior requirements to sign up for this program, as long as you are a business owner.

If you are using primarily consignment, and having sales representatives/runners to place stocks at retail outlets, you are the perfect candidate for our system subscription. The credit or bill-to-bill is our extra offer.

There is however, a one-time setup cost associated with data migration (if any) and server initialization, which is negotiable. On top of that, you then only pay monthly subscription fee for support and maintenance according to our pricing tier as stated here.

On Mobile Apps

NUPOD app is a mobile-based application that is created specifically for sales representatives who place products at outlets based on consignment or bill-to-bill model. Cash on delivery is also supported.

With the app, the operation is simplified and the flow is structured, which means you as a business owners can focus on things that matters.

After your subsription into our program, we will provide you the account IDs for your sales representatives. You can download the app at this link.

On Admin Console

The admin console is a one-stop centre for you and your admins to monitor your sales representatives, outlets and transactions. It can leverage your coverage of products and systematically generate reports of your product placements, bill settlements and more.

You and your admins can view the console at this link using the admin ID provided after subscription.