NUPOD was designed based on our experiences with logistics monitoring and products placement in retail outlets

Sales Representative Info

View your most important employment information

Sales Summary

All the sales and products statistics in one simple dashboard



Details of the current stock level of the products and its status

Search Listing

Get to the required information fast


Monitor your outlets

After products placement and settling registering the outlets you can track the current stock level for each outlet and view its basic information.

Store Image

Take a photo of the store and you can quickly remember which outlet is which

Address and Contact Details

Quickly contact the person in charge from within the app

Map Functionality

When registering the outlet the coordinates is stored and you can re-view it in the map for easy navigation.

Monitoring and Evaluation Tools

Monitor the evolution of your finances using tools integrated into NUPOD admin console. The generated reports can be filtered based on flexible criteria.

Stock Update

Update the stock level for each product and report any sale from within the app. NUPOD provide wide-range of commonly used transaction modes.

Digital Receipt

The transaction data is saved digitally and you can re-view it later

Thermal Printer

The receipt for any transaction can be printed using supported bluetooth thermal printer



Simplify distribution operations and logistics monitoring with the help of NUPOD

Elaborate Transaction Tracking

NUPOD can easily help you track your transactions. Saved transactions can be viewed at any later time and the invoice is saved digitally.


Navigation Linking

The coordinate of outlets is linked with commonly used navigation apps. Stay and do everything inside the app.


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